A little poem about Croatia

A little poem about Croatia

To help celebrate the launch of our most newest destination, Croatia, we have put together some short and sweet blogs to show off just what makes them so great for villa holidays. This poem was put together by Rachel, one of our representatives from Costa Blanca.

A beautiful place where we know you want to go
For us a new Country that we think you should know
A sun drenched paradise on the coast
An island that we know you’ll love the most
Its architecture is simply exquisite
Its scenery is also well worth a visit
Its cultural wonders will leave you amazed
A wonderful place to spend holidays!
Its beautiful sunsets are noted the best
Its beaches and villages out do the rest
The food and traditions are really quite fine
And of course I must mention how great is the wine
This Island choice is the perfect decision
Of course comes to mind years of fun Eurovision!
We’ll tell you some more interesting facts
Before you decide to start making tracks
This countries inventors created the tie
It has over 1000 islands and that’s not a lie
The Dalmatian dog can call it its home
In its nature parks please feel free to roam
With the world’s smallest town and changeable beach
This country can now be right in your reach
Well have you guessed what place is a must?
What wonderful country has joined Villa Plus
This countries Croatia, our great new resort
With its charm and beauty your heart will be caught!
An inspirational holiday you’re sure to adore
And with Villa Plus you’ll love it more.

A little poem about Croatia

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