Ask The Experts – Tricia, Algarve Resort Manager

Ask The Experts – Tricia, Algarve Resort Manager

Meet Tricia, our overseas manager in The Algarve. With a wealth of travel and tourism knowledge we thought we’d ask her some questions and share them with you…

Hi Tricia, you’re originally from Southern Ireland but you moved to Bognor Regis and now the Algarve in Portugal Where did this love of travel come from?

My father was in the hotel business and as a family we travelled around a lot, this is where it all started for me!

What was it about the Algarve that made you decide to stay?

My husband!!! And also the people, who are quite like the Irish. They like to dance, drink and have a laugh!

What first made you want to be a holiday rep?

I always wanted to travel and I am a people person, so I have managed to combine the two things perfectly.

Of all the countries you’ve visited, what are your personal highlights?

I absolutely love Rome. The history and culture is phenomenal. It is also very romantic.

For you, what is it that makes villa holidays so good?

You have your own independence, not having to wait for other people or for hotels to say when dinner is ready! You also have a lovely pool all to yourself.

And finally three questions we ask all our experts…

What’s your favourite holiday destination and why?

Have only ever been to Tenerife and Gran Canaria, with the family, my favorite, was Tenerife because of the climate in the winter months, which is the only time I can go. The children were younger then and they enjoyed the resort. It was nice being pampered in the Hotel and we flew from Seville, which was a short flight.

If you could spend a week in a villa with any celebrity or fictional character, who would it be and why?

Antonio Banderas. Do I really need to tell you why???

You are allowed to pick three songs to listen to on your villa holiday, what are they?

Anything from Bruno Mars, Michael Buble or Showaddywaddy!

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