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The three F’s for your holiday!

The three F’s for your holiday!

Villa Plus holidays tackle the three f’s – Families, Fun and Food

At Villa Plus, every holiday detail is considered to make sure that the whole family loves it more.  From ensuring meal times go without a hitch to providing enough activities for the whole family to enjoy, we are sure that you will find villa holidays the key to solving the problem of the three F’s!

Travelling with kids (young and old) can always be interesting around meal times with fussy eaters and costs topping conversation topics.  Having to worry about hidden costs and whether or not restaurants serve food which will satisfy everybody’s taste buds all lead to dining stresses.  But these reasons disappear for holidaymakers renting a villa.

At Villa Plus, all of the villas come with fully equipped kitchens, but what is really exciting is the outdoor dining areas and barbeques which are in all villas, often situated in stunning locations with easy access to street markets and supermarkets. It is also a great way to introduce kids in to cooking, with everyone taking turns to pitch in with food preparation!

Recent research comparing local restaurants to the costs of food produced from supermarkets being cooked at the villa showed that savings can be huge! In the Algarve, lunch costs €18 at a villa as opposed to €73 in a restaurant, while dinner worked out at €73 and €147 respectively. In Corfu, lunch cost €23 at a villa and €61 eating out, while dinner cost €69 and €143 respectively. Definitely something to consider.  If you do want to go out and sample the brilliant local restaurants, then choose from one of our Centrally Located Villas, we have over 600!  You can view the full research with examples by clicking here.

But when you’re not cooking and eating, what else can you do to entertain the whole family?  To start with how about your very own private pool?  That’s right, your own private oasis and many of which are heated and there are also hundreds available which can have a protective pool fence put up for peace of mind.

Apart from swimming you will also find pool and table tennis tables at every villa, making perfect opportunities for the family to indulge in some friendly competition.  Perhaps the loser could prepare that night’s dinner?  To enjoy some time indoors, outside of the blazing sun, you can enjoy the free DVDs and music systems that are included so you can watch another Peppa Pig or bust out some holiday dance moves.  You can also share you latest holiday snaps across social media with free WiFi in over 94% of all villas.

So that’s it, our plan to solve the three F’s of holidays.  Cook what you know people will like, when you in a perfect and private holiday setting, have hours of fun with the free added extras and also look forward to spending some family time together, in a safe environment.  On top of that, with the cost savings available you could almost book another wonderful villa holiday.  Start you holiday search now at

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