Hidden gems of Corfu

Hidden gems of Corfu

Ever-popular Corfu is a big draw for beach lovers. Holidays in Corfu can mean long lazy days soaking up the sun, but there’s much more to this picturesque Greek island than crashing out on a beach in a large resort.

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Discover the south

The hotels in Corfu are plentiful, but to slow down the pace and discover an authentic side of the island, try a luxury villa holiday in Corfu. Head to the south, perhaps to a town like Benitses, and you can spend your days exploring the sleepy old village. Then you can follow the paths that lead to the cypress and olive tree woodlands on the surrounding slopes.

Staying around Benitses, or the equally tranquil towns of Boukari or Lefkimmi, gives you a glimpse into local life. It offers an abundance of authentic local cuisine and treats you to landscapes that are untouched by development. Come evening, you can retreat to your Corfu holiday rental for a relaxing dinner and to sample some local wine.

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Venture to the west

Choosing a Corfu villa holiday can help keep costs down by minimising how much you dine out. It also avoids the extra expenses associated with hotels like drinks, tips and laundry. Venture beyond the big resorts found north of Corfu Town and you’ll find plenty of villas in Corfu along the west coast of the island, in and around towns like scenic Paleokastritsa or the coastal village of  Lakones.

Secluded beaches of Corfu

Peaceful beaches are easy to find in Corfu, especially if you head for the east coast and the beaches around San Stefanos. As they are pebbly, they stay quieter, but doesn’t mean they aren’t as lovely as their sandier counterparts. South of Gardiki Castle is the vast Lake Korission, separated from the sea by a narrow stretch of beach. This is a good spot to find a secluded patch of sand, away from the masses. With Villa Plus Holidays to Corfu, you’ll have privacy, sun, and luscious views – what more could you want from a getaway?

Hilly retreats

Corfu’s rugged and steep terrain makes for impressive viewing and the roads twist and turn through the landscape for an adventurous journey. Dotted along the roads on the hillsides are tiny villages like Spartylas and Strinylas, a far cry from the busy resorts of Gouvia and Dasia. Find a luxury villa on a Corfu hillside and you’ll be treated to views of green woodland reaching to the distant blue of the ocean.

Staying near the Corfu Trail

Corfu’s famous hiking trail is 136 miles long and stretches from one end to the other. It affords some of Corfu’s most fantastic and memorable views. Finding accommodation near the trail is a good idea for those planning on donning their hiking boots on holiday to explore Corfu’s diverse geology on foot.

By Ciaran Brooks. A former history graduate, Ciaran Brooks’ love for old stories has led him around the world. A self-confessed adventurer, he fell into travel writing after his blog chronicling his year in Thailand was picked up by a national paper.

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