Hidden gems of Kefalonia

Hidden gems of Kefalonia

As the largest Ionian Island, it’s a safe bet that Kefalonia has lots of hidden hotspots dotted throughout its serene shores. It’s easy to sunbathe and swim your days away here, you’re on the Ionian Sea after all. But get out of that luxury villa, and prepare to enhance your holiday in Kefalonia by taking a trip to these amazing locations.

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Evening meals in Lourdas

Self-catering villas in Lourdas provide all the ingredients for a luxury meal at home, but sometimes it’s nice to explore outside. Lourdas is a charming coastal town, with beaches and cafes galore. It’s when you dine out here that the magic of Lourdas comes to light.

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Image by Ben124, used under Creative Commons license (CC BY 2.0)

Much of the island is populated by olive trees, so wine and olives naturally make the perfect starter. Savour some of the wine for washing down a portion of lamb kleftiko, a traditional Greek dish of meat and vegetables. Lourdas has plenty of terraced restaurants letting you gaze into the sea whilst you eat.

Turtle spotting near Skala

Getting closer to nature brings everyone together. What better way to do so than with a spot of late night turtle watching? Head to Potamaki Beach, a few kilometres along the coast from Skala. It’s a conservation area for loggerhead turtles, night time ‘turtles watches’ are arranged for anyone who wants to watch these creatures in their natural habitat. This isn’t on everyone’s itinerary for holidays in Kefalonia, yet should be essential if you’re looking to experience a hidden side to the island.

Visit traditional villages

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Kefalonia’s most treasured spots were all by the coast – but they’re not. Troianata, an inland village unbeknown to many, gifts visitors an insight into traditional Greek living. Take a taxi, or drive eastwards into the hills, and explore this quaint settlement of taverns, a church, and stunning viewpoints over the island.

Drive to Melissani Lake

Despite Kefalonia’s size, everywhere is within driving distance. Comprising a lake within a cave, this makes for a great way to see a different perspective of the island. Guided tours are available, whilst the opening in the cave’s roof allows the hallowed walls to be lit by the Greek sun. You might not fancy a swim here, but remember the villa’s private pool will be waiting for you at the end of the day!

Walk to Emblisi Beach

A short walk from Fiskardo, Emblisi Beach sits within a bay of turquoise waters. Walking down the path which leads you to the sea, you can’t help but want to submerge under the calm waves. Surrounded by vegetation and chalky cliffs, even the views are suitably tranquil. It’s also a great sunspot in north Kefalonia – ideal for those seeking long afternoons admiring the Ionian Sea.

If you’ve landed a cheap holiday to Kefalonia, count yourself lucky. The island has cultural and scenic wonders in abundance, so you can discover a side to Greece you’ll never forget.

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By Ciaran Brooks. A former history graduate, Ciaran Brooks’ love for old stories has led him around the world. A self-confessed adventurer, he fell into travel writing after his blog chronicling his year in Thailand was picked up by a national paper.

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