Top things to do in Majorca

Top things to do in Majorca

Touching down on Majorcan soil, you know you’re onto something special as soon as that first gust of warm Mediterranean air washes over you. Once you’ve acclimatised, a whole new world of adventure awaits. Want to know the best thing about it all? It’s all on the doorstep of your holiday villa.

Fall in love with Majorca
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Visit Palma

As Mallorca’s capital, it makes sense to start with this historic city. Sat snugly in an eastern bay, Palma comprises ancient gothic cathedrals, quaint bars and restaurants, all overlooked by the iconic Bellver Castle.  If you were into knights and dragons as a kid, you’ll love the circular turrets and walls that make up this fine Spanish fortress. Climb to the top and you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views which stretch far out into the serene surrounding waters.

Delight in the Majorcan sunsets
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Take a boat tour of the bay, and on your return, look out for La Seu cathedral. From land, these white spires are an impressive enough sight, yet from sea they make for another altogether. Once you’ve docked, why not pop in to revel in the building’s rich history?

Take in the history of Palma
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Swim in the sun

As one of Spain’s archipelagoes, the island has generous temperatures and sunshine throughout the year. If your holiday villa is lucky enough to have a pool, then this, and the combination of good weather, can make for some your happiest memories of Majorca. Dive in, swim a few lengths, before basking in the heat of the Spanish sun for the duration of the afternoon.

Visit your local market

Anyone who’s ever dined tapas will tell you that Spain is blessed with some of the finest cuisine in the world. The flavours behind such dishes are not just confined to the cupboards of the locals, however. Every Sunday, people from across Majorca flock to the markets of Puerto Pollensa. Here you’ll find everything from exquisite canvases to spices and locally cured meats. Staying in a self-catering villa? Take the opportunity to pick up some ingredients, and cook up a storm for the whole family to enjoy.

Majorcan watersports

Several kayak and canoe rental agencies operate across the island, so you’ll have no trouble exploring the island by boat. The north and east coast waters cater for all, and kayakers can stumble across glistening beaches perfect for getting that daily dose of vitamin D. Sometimes the Mediterranean Sea is just TOO inviting – what better way to cool off than some coastal diving? Not only is this a great family bonding activity, but it’s also the perfect way to see the ecosystems surrounding Majorca.

Hike the Serra de Tramuntana

The Serra de Tramuntana mountain range runs from the southwest to the northeast of Majorca. Navigate your way amongst the luscious shrubbery, before sitting back and enjoying the seaward views. The mountain strip itself is accessible from Palma, and covers roughly 30% of the island’s territory. Once you’ve conquered them, you’ll return with tales of the olive trees, terraces, and water mills that exemplify the range.

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By Isabella Perkins, a freelance travel writer best known for writing about self-catering holidays. Her writing tends to have a family-focus, and she is in the midst of writing a new travel guide due to be published next year.

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