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Holiday safety tips for villas with toddlers

Holiday safety tips for villas with toddlers

Few things top the freedom that a self-catered holiday gifts your family, especially if you’re travelling with toddlers. Not only can you come and go as you please, cook for yourself and indulge in true privacy, holiday villas tend to come complete with either pools, hot tubs and balconies (and sometimes all three!). To get the very most out of your getaway, be vigilant and ensure that the kids enjoy these facilities too – safely.

We’ve compiled a list of holiday safety tips that will help put your mind at ease, leaving you to relish in your villa holiday and create memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Scope out poolside railings

Before you book anywhere, browse the options available to see what is suitable for your family. Look for a property with a gated pool. These fences are a great way of ensuring no one takes a dip when they’re not expecting it.

While these guarantee a certain degree of safety, they’re no match for the human eye. Keep watch whenever your children are using the pool, either from the side or right in midst of all the swimming pool fun!

Familiarise yourself with fire safety rules

A good holiday villa will be kitted out with the fire safety essentials – a smoke detector, fire extinguisher/blanket and emergency numbers. When you arrive, make sure you know where they all are. After you’ve done that, take a few minutes to explain to your children what they are for. This’ll help to make them experts on fire safety, whether they’re on holiday or back home!

Keep safe by the pool

A private pool is fantastic for keeping kids happy during the daylight hours, but it’s always wise to lay down some ground rules before jumping in. Don’t let children into the water unsupervised, and always have the non-swimmers wearing armbands.

If you’re lucky enough to have an infinity pool, be aware that different rules apply. You can’t use inflatables, and you should tell your children never to sit or lean against the edge.

Fight off sunburn

It’s vital to keep your children – and yourself, for that matter – protected from sunburn. In a foreign country, the sun’s rays can be a lot stronger than you’re used to, even on cloudy days.

Before going outside, apply water-resistant sun lotion that’s at least factor 30 (50 is usually recommended for babies and toddlers), and make sure it’s on their skin for 20 minutes before leaving the villa. Have them wear sunglasses, a hat and a UV suit if the sun is particularly strong.

Avoid silly accidents

Make sure your children dry themselves thoroughly before going inside after a swim. That way your floors will stay dry, and no one will be having any unexpected tumbles! Remind your little ones not to run in the house, and make them fully aware of any transparent glass doors. After all, who wants the embarrassment of walking into one face first?

Villa holidays have all the right ingredients for fun family bonding time. Browse Villa Plus options, and find accommodation best suited to you and your loved ones.

By Isabella Perkins, a freelance travel writer best known for writing about self-catering holidays. Her writing tends to have a family focus, and she is in the middle of writing a new travel guide due to be published next year.

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