Eating out in Zante: 5 reasons self-catering beats restaurants

People visit Zante for many reasons – world-famous beaches and quaint old towns being but two of them. Thanks to its location, the island has an array of ingredients and culinary specialities that bring in plenty of tourists year after year.

Eating out in Zante is without a doubt a sure-fire way to soak up the island’s vibe. It’s also possible to experience Zante’s charms by eating in and whipping up a few meals of your own, though. Here’s why you should opt to self-cater when you’re there…

You can discover Greek culture

Uncovering Greek culture through locally produced food is both rewarding and wholly delicious. Staying in a holiday rental gifts you the freedom to wander the local markets, purchase tasty home-grown ingredients ripe for Greek cooking and enjoy Zante like a local. There’s an abundance of organic fruits, vegetables, olive oils, honeys and cheeses here – take full advantage and fill your holiday rental’s cupboards with them.

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Although eating at a restaurant gives you the chance to try the local cuisine, it’s always fun sourcing your own groceries. On top of that, bulk buying locally grown produce could save you more money which you can spend on Zante’s range of attractions.

Learn Greek recipes

After picking up some fresh ingredients, whip up a classic Greek recipe from the insides of your villa. Start with an easy dish, one which brims with flavour like a Greek salad or tzatziki dip.

Next, step it up and make heavenly Mediterranean meals like lamb kleftiko, moussaka or even skordostoubi (a succulent main course comprising aubergines and spices). By pushing yourself that little bit further, you can keep the holiday tastes alive when you get home with your newfound Greek cooking skills.

Eat mouth-wateringly good homemade packed lunches

Not having to rely on restaurants for meals is a great way to save time and money. With lunch already made, you can travel off the beaten track and uncover new coves and viewpoints on the island.

Try making your own gyros (cooked meat served in flatbread) or souvlakia (grilled skewered meat served on pitta bread). Whatever you decide to make, it’ll taste all the better paired with serene coastline or inland scenery…

Enjoy Zante’s sunspots

Image by Nana B Agyel, used under CC License (CC by 2.0)

Eating your dinner by the foot of Braxionas Mountain or the shores of the Porto Limnionas bay, for example, is simple, fun and guaranteed to create treasured holiday memories. Alternatively, you could rent a property near the beach and enjoy your evening meals at home with tremendous coastal views.

…and always have your way

One of the best things about self-catering villa holidays is the fact that you are always in full control. You don’t have to adhere to set eating times, you can prepare the foods you love and, if one evening you don’t fancy cooking, you can always eat at a restaurant.

Take the first steps towards your Zante adventure and look at holiday rentals on the island.

By Imogen Bishop, a part time travel writer, part time restaurant critic, and full-time mum. She has an affinity for Mediterranean cuisine and can usually be found in the kitchen with a bottle of olive oil in hand.

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