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Baby-friendly villa holidays: everything you need to know

Baby-friendly villa holidays: everything you need to know

If you’re a parent going on a villa holiday with infant children, you’re in for a treat. Swimming pools, beaches and all the other attractions on offer make for treasured memories which you’ll always share. Before you book anything, though, it’s important to think about how to make the most of baby-friendly villa holidays. Keep a few simple precautions in mind and you’ll be fully prepared for a wholly enjoyable family getaway.

Think about the location

The first step in planning a baby-friendly villa holiday is finding a location suitable for your child’s needs. Staying in the centre of a popular resort town can be great for restaurants, shops and tourist attractions, but it’s more likely to be noisy come sundown.

Look for a rural property located close to a town or resort. You should also consider staying somewhere near the beach, that way you’re all set for long sunny afternoons spent making sandcastles and paddling in the shallows – just make sure they wear plenty of sun cream and are supervised at all times!

Book a suitable villa

Scout out a rental with a gated pool. You should always keep an eye on your child when they’re near water, but having a fenced-off pool puts a much-needed extra safety precaution in place.

If you’re planning on spending some time on the beach, check that the villa has space to store buckets, spades and inflatables. That way, you’ll be able to really enjoy the surrounding coastline.

Pack all the necessities

When you’re travelling with a baby or young child, it’s a good idea to make a checklist of what you’re going to need when abroad. This is particularly important if you’re leaving home for the first time since your little one was born. It can be all too easy to forget essential items, then not realise that you need them until you’ve boarded the flight!

Double check you’ve remembered things like baby monitors, changing mats, non-slip bathmats, plastic cutlery and bowls, a nightlight and cot linens. Bring a small supply of nappies, too. Foreign countries do sell these, but you can do no harm by bringing along a few extra in case it takes you a while to find a nearby supermarket.

Before you fly back, cross-check your own list against what the villa supplies to avoid returning home with the wrong baby accessories!

Scout out the property

After arriving at your villa, spend a little time scoping out the house and making yourself (and everyone else) aware of the new surroundings.

Once you’re settled and enjoying the holiday, be extra cautious around the pool. Supervise your young one at all times when they’re in the water – preferably by going in with them. Keep the gates locked whenever you’re not using the pool, and make sure your little ones are wearing the correct floatation devices and enough waterproof sun lotion.

Last but not least? Relax and have fun! Once you’ve planned sufficiently, you can savour all the precious moments of a gorgeous family holiday.

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By Isabella Perkins, a freelance travel writer best known for writing about self-catering holidays. Her writing tends to have a family focus, and she is in the middle of writing a new travel guide due to be published next year.

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