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Why group holiday villas suit families looking to get away together

Why group holiday villas suit families looking to get away together

 When it comes to villa holidays, the phrase ‘the more the merrier’ always rings true, and it couldn’t be more apt when describing a getaway with the extended family. Think about it – you’ve got everyone under one roof in an alluring foreign country, with added sunshine thrown in for good measure. Sounds like a recipe for a whole lot of fun, right? Here are four reasons group holiday villas will have you planning your next multi-family adventure before you’ve even returned from the first one.

There’s never a dull moment

Picture the scene: you’re relaxing by the pool with your fellow grownups while the kids are busying themselves with water-friendly games. Whenever you’re in need of cooling off, you can always dive in with them for a round of Marco Polo, or just swim a few lengths at a leisurely pace. There’s never any shortage of things to do on group holidays, whether playing with the little ones or indulging in a delicious home-cooked meal with your partner and the other adults.

You’re brought closer together

It’s always nice when your kids get on well with their relatives. As well as giving you the perfect chance to hang out with your in-laws or siblings, on group vacations your children will have the opportunity to bond with their cousins. After a group villa holiday together, you’ll have no shortage of stories which’ll echo through countless family bashes for years to come. Plus, you’ll have swapped the usual mealtimes back home for alfresco dining in one of Europe’s premier holiday destinations – what more could you ask for?

You can experience new things together

One thing you’re guaranteed in group holiday villas is space. Take advantage and pack bodyboards, cricket sets and footballs then prepare for long afternoons spent on the beach. Catch waves with your family, launch a game of rounders or kick off some beach football.

Once you’ve tired yourself out by the coast, head back to your group holiday villa and cook up a storm. Take advantage of the authentic national ingredients and whip up a local delicacy from your villa’s kitchen. Home cooking always goes down a treat. Holidaying in Spain? Get everyone around the chopping table and make a delicious paella, or even some churros for dessert. One other advantage of holidaying in large groups is you’ll be able to buy everything in large quantities – meaning there’ll be plenty leftovers to eat the next day!

…and still have plenty space to relax

Group villa holidays are nonstop fun, but that’s not to say you can’t enjoy some time to yourself every now and then. Any property for more than one family will be fairly spacious with plenty of bedrooms you can escape to on your own. Nip away for a quick siesta or lose yourself to a good book for a few hours, then you’ll return to your party ready to dive into the fun activities, recharged and raring to go.

Ready to rally together the relatives and embark on a group getaway all of your own? Explore Villa Plus properties geared towards bigger groups and set the plan in motion.

By Isabella Perkins, a freelance travel writer best known for writing about self-catering holidays. Her writing tends to have a family focus, and she is in the middle of writing a new travel guide due to be published next year.

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