Puerto del Carmen or Playa Blanca?

Puerto del Carmen or Playa Blanca?

Being a returning visitor to Lanzarote I should admit I had some expectations. I’m happy to confirm that I was not disappointed.

Playa Blanca with its picturesque coastal walks, sea front location and variety of coffee shop, restaurants and bars make it ideal for those looking for a quiet getaway. We didn’t spend too much time here as my previous visit was spent relaxing and walking along the seafront all the way to the lighthouse.

Puerto Del Carmen being the main resort and is 15 minutes’ drive from the airport makes it ideal for those not looking to drive or hire a car. Not only do you have everything you need within walking distance, you also have great access to the transport system ,which gives you great access to the rest of Lanzarote.

Whether you’re travelling as a couple ,with friends or family your grandparents or children this resort can offer something for everyone. Please refer to our handy resort guide for things to do.

For a day away from the main strip you can visit Puerto Calero – an upmarket area and harbour with a selection of bars, cafes and restaurants with a selection of high end shops to distract you from the calming harbour views.

If I had a sporty bone in my body I could see myself running along the beach or cycling, but let’s be honest that’s not me. I like to relax and enjoy the sun while watching those more dedicated work up a sweat.

Snorkeling, Playa Chica Beach, Puerto del Carmen.

At night Puerto del Carmen comes to life, the bars compete and the touts are out ,but not to bother you, of course they are there to tempt you into the bars and restaurants, but once they know you’re not interested or that you have already eaten most will just say hello and check your enjoying your time in resort.

Despite the liveliness at night the noise isn’t too loud and it’s unlikely you will hear any wherever you’re staying, as I was one street behind the main strip and couldn’t hear a peep.

After reading this back, I guess I am still undecided and to be honest I’m rather torn as both have a great feel to them and I would return to both.

For those of you who have read this in the hope of having the ultimate question answered I’m sorry to disappoint ,but let’s put it out there … which is better Playa Blanca or Puerto del Carmen?


5 things to do when in Lanzarote


1. Relax – there’s no excuse…. you’ve worked hard for this time away and you deserve to be able to do nothing but relax.

2. Coastal walks- If you’re like me and exercise is a chore, a slow walk taking in the views is something even your Nana will enjoy.

3. Beaches: Playa Grande Beach which is 1km long a sandy beach with the Avenida de Las Playas promenade can take you past some more quieter coves. Playa Flamingo is pretty with a protective rock barrier making it ideal for swimming and snorkelling.

Tip: Don’t be fooled by the weather if cloudy. Always protect yourself and cream up I learnt the hard way.

4. Timanfaya national park aka ‘Fire Mountains’ with its ‘Martian’ landscape which when at the top of Timanfaya. Only then do you get the full sense of how much of the island was affected by the last eruption. Ideal for a day out and fun for all the family. The coach tour around the craters is only €10.00 pp and gives you a chance to see the best views on the island of the impact area.

5. Day trip to Fuerteventura- Hop on a ferry from Playa Blanca port for a 25-minute ferry crossing which usually depart every 2 hours for about €14.00 each way. Explore the island of Fuerteventura and experience what this isle has to offer and get away for the day to maybe do some shopping.

Tip: For those who suffer from sea sickness the larger ferries are impacted less by natures forces but this is dependent on the weather.


Top Tip: When excited about your villa and Facetime is in use, ALWAYS look where you are walking and not into the phone screen. This avoids unnecessary accidents as I discovered for myself.


Written by Jamie from our Travel Team.

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