7 easy ways to go green (and save money) on holiday

7 easy ways to go green (and save money) on holiday

7 easy ways to go green (and save money) on holiday


Climate change. Plastic pollution. Food waste. These are all hot topics right now, and with good reason. But how can you care for the planet when you’re miles away from home? Well, it’s not as hard as you think. Here are 7 simple ways to protect the environment (and your wallet) on your next villa holiday.


  1. Pack a refillable water bottle

BBC’s Blue Planet II woke us all up to the world’s devastating plastic problem. So do your bit and save some dosh by taking a refillable water bottle on holiday with you. Trendy stainless steel bottles are the most durable, best insulated and easiest to clean. But if you want a lighter and cheaper option, a BPA-free plastic bottle is the way to go.


  1. Watch your energy and water use

Conserving energy and water are great ways to be eco-friendly during your villa holiday. Turn off the air conditioning, lights, TV and taps when you’re not using them. Take a quick and energising shower instead of a bath. Don’t run the dishwasher or washing machine until they’re full. And remember to unplug your gadgets when they’ve finished charging.


  1. Bring some reusable bags

Like plastic bottles, single-use carrier bags are another big environmental offender. So make sure you pack some reusable ones for carrying your groceries, souvenirs and holiday gear. Tote bags are a good choice as they’re hardwearing, lightweight and foldable. They’ll hardly take up any space in your suitcase, either.


  1. Explore by foot or bike

Motor vehicles are a major contributor to climate change and air pollution. So why not leave your hire car at the villa and explore the local area by walking or cycling? Many of our villas are in great central locations just a stone’s throw away from beaches, restaurants and other amenities. What’s more, you’ll save yourself the hassle and expense of parking – and burn off those extra holiday calories!


  1. Eat out responsibly

Restaurants and cafés generate a huge amount of food waste and carbon emissions, so it’s worth being mindful when eating out. Try to dine at places that use local, organic ingredients that haven’t been shipped from the other side of the world. Avoid disposable containers and cutlery. And don’t let your eyes be bigger than your stomach and order more than you can manage.


  1. Cook up your own storm

Instead of eating out every day, how about saving the environment and a wad of cash by self-catering? Head to the local grocery store or farmers market before whipping up a delicious feast using your villa’s kitchen or BBQ. You could even make your own yummy packed lunches to take out on day trips.


  1. Recycle your rubbish

You don’t have abandon your recycling habits just because you’re on holiday. Rather than throwing all your waste into the same bin, sort it into categories like you would at home and drop it at the local recycling facilities before you leave. The planet will thank you, and you can travel home guilt-free.




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