Food Guide: Greek Islands

Food Guide: Greek Islands

Good food is yet another part of what makes an unforgettable holiday. With its fresh seafood and grilled meat, locally sourced olives and other Mediterranean fare, (not forgetting sweet Baklava), Greece and the Greek islands are a culinary heaven for food enthusiasts. Get everyone around your private villa’s outdoor dining table and cook up a storm with some fresh ingredients from the local markets, or eat out in one of the many tavernas. However you like to experience culinary delights on holiday, here’s our guide to the best Greek island food

Cretan Cuisine

Crete food is all about delicious dishes made with fresh local ingredients such as cheese, fish and olive oil, which is consumed in such large quantities, each Cretan person consumes around 25 litres of it per year! Relax in your alfresco seating area by your private pool in Villa Akali  and indulge in dakos for lunch, using ingredients you picked up from local stores in Istron. Dakos is meze consisting of soaked dried bread or barley rusk, topped with tomatoes and feta or mizithra cheese. Other Crete food delicacies include goat stew (sigariasto), snails (kochlioli) and a pilaf made with white rice, vegetable broth, lemon, chicken, dill and garlic.  

Corfu Gastronomy

Food in Corfu has been greatly influenced by international visitors from the UK and surrounding Mediterranean countries, including Italy and France. Must-try recipes include sofrito, which is fried beef, cooked with garlic and onion. Pasta lovers will love pastitsada, which is pasta in a red sauce with marinated chicken or beef. Meatballs (inspired by Italy), are also a favourite on many taverna menus, and are known as porpetas. If you fancy something sweet, you’re also on the right island. Tempt your taste buds and indulge in meringue with caramelised almonds, candied kumquat and loukoumadesm, which are Greek doughnuts with honey.

Sweet flavours in Zante

Snacks and sweet treats are all the rage in Zante. If you don’t feel like eating out in a restaurant and just want to pick up some nibbles to enjoy while lounging by your private pool in Villa Vilenia Horizon, pop into a cafe or bakery in Alykes and pick up some tyropita, which is a staple of Zante food and a puff pasty traditionally stuffed with feta, spinach and ham. It can be served hot or cold, and filled with other meats and cheeses of your choice. Focacce (focaccia) bread is also a local favourite. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t forget baklava, cinnamon cake and puff pastries stuffed with icing sugar, cream and cinnamon.

Marvellous Meze in Rhodes

Meze is big in Rhodes food, and is a staple on most menus. Many restaurants serve a wide variety of dishes and you can choose as many meze selections as you like – from greens and veggies, to seafood, meat, fruits, cheeses and dishes made with Greek yogurt and honey. Meze is a great way to share food at the table with friends and family, where everyone can come together to enjoy Greek delicacies. Wine is considered the holy liquid of Dionysos, and is often served on the Rhodes dining table. If you’re into wine, there are plenty of vineyards on offer where you can visit and take part in tasting sessions. Rhodes wine is considered to be among the best in the world.

Local delicacies in Kefalonia

Kefalonia food is dominated by fresh local produce that is home-grown, reared or caught, including olive oil, vegetables, meat, fish and cheese. When you’re wandering around the island’s towns and villages, don’t forget to pick up products such as local olive oil, honey and sheep’s yogurt, as these are staples in many dishes. Try a traditional Kefalonia meat pie, or taramosalata, which is a meze made from roe, cod or grey mullet mixed with lemon juice and olive oil. Of course, locally-made Tzatziki made from garlic, cucumber and yoghurt is always worth a try, as is the seafood on offer. The island offers plenty of grilled fish dishes made using ingredients that were caught that very same day.   

Have we tempted you? Discover your perfect holiday villa in the Greek islands and get sampling some of the delicious cuisine on your next adventure.

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