Where to visit in Croatia

Where to visit in Croatia

From pristine white sand beaches to historical Roman ruins, Croatia has a wealth of treasures just waiting to be discovered on your villa holiday. In the last ten years, this Eastern European country has become a true summer holiday destination, where the coastline stretches for almost 1800 kilometres, and 1185 islands make the perfect backdrop to a family photo. So, what’s Croatia like for holidays? It’s a little bit of everything! The Dalmatian coast boasts incredible beaches and boating trips, while the Istrian Riviera features a strong snorkelling scene which is ideal even for beginners thanks to its calm and warm waters. When you are not enjoying the beach or your private villa, there’s plenty of historical sites to discover in the ancient cities of Split, Pula and Dubrovnik, as well as walking trails in the country’s national parks.  

Plitvice Lakes National Park

If you love getting outdoors and you’re wondering where to go in Croatia, nature-lovers will relish hiking this stunning park, which has 16 waterfalls that are interconnecting, and a wide range of wildlife to discover. Days trips are recommended, as the hiking trails can be rather extensive, so pack food and plenty of water with you for the day. If you don’t have a car, shuttle buses to the park are available. The park attracts large numbers of tourists every year, and is most popular in the summer. During the winter, skiers take to its majestic slopes. When you feel like stretching your legs and heading out of your Villa Lorna Lucia for an adventurous drive and a long, rewarding walk, this is the place to go.


Pula is another popular destination for travel lovers thanks to its historical roots. The city boasts a traditional Roman amphitheatre built in the same style as the Colosseum, and visitors can wander around this magnificent ruin and imagine what it must have been like to watch gladiator fights back in the day. Other historical sites of significance include the city’s old gates and monasteries, a Venetian fortress, and the city’s main square which is known as the Forum, surrounded by ancient Roman buildings. Pula is a vibrant mix of buzzing nightlife, trendy eateries and historical sites.  


Zagreb is often compared to Prague thanks to its many events, vibrant nightlife and social scene and variety of stores for high-end shopping. It’s an ideal place to go in Croatia for a day trip, where you can meander around the Upper Town and discover Zagreb cathedral, St. Marks Church, Lotrscak Tower and the stone gate (Kamenita vrata), which is part of the old city walls. Discover Zagreb’s history and culture through its various museums and galleries, before stopping off for a strong coffee and a pastry in one of the many cafes in the area. For those who enjoy a buzzing nightlife, there are also plenty of restaurants, clubs, cocktail bars and live music to keep you entertained as the evening rolls in.    


If you’re looking for a slower and quieter pace and want to know where to visit in Croatia, then we’d recommend Rovinj. Situated on the breathtaking Istrian peninsula and surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, the archipelago of Rovinj features 20 islands and an Old Town positioned on a small peninsula. Stunning holiday photos, beautiful vistas, delicious food and historical sites are all on offer here. Explore the various narrow cobbled streets of the town, taking in an old town clock from the 12th century, St. Euphemia’s Basilica and city gates dating back to the medieval era. Pick up local produce for cooking back at your Villa Kristina, before touring the harbour and Carrerra Street, which boasts plenty of art galleries for picking up local artworks and souvenirs.  

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