The Best Time to Visit Corfu

The Best Time to Visit Corfu

This lush Greek island in the Ionian Sea is a favourite with beach-goers and sun-seekers thanks to its sunny and warm Mediterranean climate that offers hot summers and milder winters. If you’re wondering when is the best time to visit Corfu, the answer depends on what you want from your villa holiday.

Winter (December – March)

Corfu offers visitors mild winter weather, with highs of up to 15°C and generally clear skies making ideal conditions for exploring the great outdoors. That said, January can be the coldest month with temperatures of 10°C. If you prefer the cooler weather and exploring the quieter towns in-land on foot, this can be a great time for a break. Winter season is also Carnival season for the locals, so more popular towns can be crowded, but offer a fantastic opportunity to experience authentic Greek culture.

Spring (April – May)

Spring is a popular time of the year to visit Corfu, with many tourists visiting in the month of May, as temperatures can climb to between 19°C and 25°C, and days have up to 13 hours of sunshine. It is a great time to visit the beach if you want a quiet stroll on the sand, without the visitors and sunbathers that flock to the beaches during the summer. Little rainfall and clear skies make spring the best time of the year to go to Corfu and explore walking trails, historical ruins and nature parks around the island as everything comes into bloom. The 21st May is a national holiday for the Ionian islands, as it celebrates the unification of them with the rest of Greece. An annual parade takes place on this day in the centre of Corfu town, and many banks and shops close, although restaurants and tourist shops remain open.

Summer (June – August)

The months of July and August are the best time of year to visit Corfu, as these months are the warmest times of the year, with scorching heat pushing the mercury to 31°C on the average day, and very little rainfall for weeks on end. The sea can be a balmy 25°C in the height of summer, making it perfect for a refreshing dip in the afternoon. Many people flock to the beach to enjoy the optimum temperatures, so booking your premium villa accommodation and planning your trip in advance can help you to avoid the crowds. Also be prepared for bustling and vibrant nightlife in the resorts in the evenings, with restaurants, bars and shops. On the first weekend after the 15th August, the villages of Kato Garouna and Ano Gerakiana hold a festival to mark the return of previous residents of Corfu who may have moved away to the Greek mainland or other places around the world. The festival is designed for people to pay tributes to their home island, with a mood of excitement and gratitude.

Autumn (September-November)

By autumn, the crowded resorts empty out, making for a relaxed and quiet holiday with ideal beach weather. Early autumn is when the temperatures are still in mid twenties, so you can enjoy days at the beach and swimming in the sea. As October and November approach, temperatures start to dip, and you may need a warm jacket for the evenings but the weather isn’t too chilly for getting outdoors to hike and sightsee!

Now you know the best time of the year to go to Corfu, you need to book the premium villa you’ll be staying in. Discover our collection of properties in Corfu.

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