The Best Time to Visit Italy

The Best Time to Visit Italy

When is the best time to visit Italy?

If you’re wondering when to visit Italy, the best time is no-doubt between March and August. June is also one of the best times to visit, as temperatures are on the rise and long days mean plenty of sunshine. And October proves a popular month, with visitors seeking wine-tasting tours following the country’s grape harvest,

Spring (April – May)

If you’re wondering when is the best time to visit Italy, April is considered one of the best times to go. During the spring, wildflowers are in bloom and the mercury starts to climb up to 21°C by May. You may encounter the odd rainfall shower, so pack suitable clothing for changeable conditions. Most restaurants and attractions should now be open, and hiking trails and UNESCO sites should be available to explore without harsh conditions from the elements. In spring, Italy hosts its own artichoke festival, tulip festivals and Pasqua celebrations, depending on when Easter falls. May is known as the month of the rose, and gardens across Italy are usually busy with tourists wanting to make the most of seeing everything in bloom.

Summer (June – August)

Many visitors wanting to explore Italy’s boot wonder when is Italy hot? The answer is during the summer, when temperatures are at their peak and reach between 23°C in the north of the country, to 29°C in the south. Coastlines and resorts get busier with crowds, as do attractions in the main cities. This is the time of year to enjoy your private pool and gardens at Villa Trullo Olivia, or a trip to the beach, where you’ll find soft white sand and azure waters. Keep in mind that July and August are particularly busy months, and cities can be stifling in terms of temperatures, so many people flock to coastal areas where it is cooler. Expect to compete with other visitors and locals for a spot on the beach, and days out should be planned in advance where possible. 2nd June is a national holiday in Italy that celebrates the foundation of the country’s modern republic, while the end of June marks the beginning of opera season, with performances taking place across the country.  

Autumn (September-November)

Autumn is a great time when you can visit Italy without the sizzling temperatures, making the days and evenings more comfortable for activities. Many locals return to school or work after the summer holidays, so beaches and coasts will be less crowded, and the sea will still be a comfortable temperature for swimming. Temperatures can reach between 13-24°C in northern Italy, 18-27°C in central Italy, and 21-27°C in the south. This is the time of year when harvest festival begins in the country, with many events taking place offering street food and fresh ingredients. Expect to see delicacies like truffles and prosciutto, olives and wine from local vineyards. The grape harvest, La Vendemmia, begins at the end of September, making it an ideal time for wine-lovers.    

Winter (December – March)

Italy generally has milder winters than that of the UK, and if you’re not worried about hitting the beach or baking hot weather, you’ll be rewarded with quieter attractions and fewer crowds if you visit at this time of year. Note that some popular places such as the Amalfi Coast will be very quiet and many properties and retailers or restaurants may actually be closed, You’ll still have nine hours of sunshine a day however, which is perfect for sightseeing and enjoying walks in the great outdoors, but keep in mind that Italy can have strong winds in the winter. In February, Italy hosts carnival month, and even the cooler temperatures cannot dampen celebrations. In the two weeks leading up to lent, the country hosts Carnevale, so expect vibrant masquerades, confetti, fancy dress, and plenty of dancing. In Sicily, February is also a great time to witness the almond blossom festival, which is welcomed as a sign that spring is on the way.  

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