Best Things To Do In Lefkada

Best Things To Do In Lefkada

Considered a gem of an isle located just off the Greek mainland, the unspoiled island of Lefkada is what Greek holiday dreams are made of. Expect clean beaches, azure seas and epic white cliffs topped with lush green forest, and mountainous winding roads that lead to local historical sites filled with natural beauty. Here’s a list of things to do in Lefkada while enjoying your Lefkada villa holiday.

Soak up some rays on Egremni Beach

Egremni Beach

Adventure seekers and sun worshippers alike will enjoy soaking up a few rays on Egremni Beach, located in the more wild south-western corner of Lefkada. This isn’t one you can easily walk to – as the beach is surrounded by very steep and inaccessible cliffs. The only way to get there is by taking a boat trip – which is an adventure in itself! Boat trips to Egremni depart from Vasiliki port in the morning (companies to look out for include the Agifili taxi boat, and the Ionian Princess of Lefkas Cruises). You can also catch a boat from Nidri port for a pleasant trip. Boat rides take between 50-60 minutes. Once you arrive at the beach, it is well worth the wait. Unspoiled waters make snorkelling and swimming a must, with powdery white-soft sand underfoot. Make sure to take plenty of sunscreen, as there is very little shade, and food and drinks for the day.  

Visit the Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni

Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni

When you feel like venturing out a little further from your Lefkada villa, hop in the car and take a drive to this beautiful monastery – located high on a hilltop overlooking Lefkada town. It is home to the icon of the Virgin Mary, which is Lefkada’s patron saint. There is also a site with a temple dedicated to Artemis, the goddess of hunting. This area is spiritually significant to the island, as the Apostle Paul is believed to have asked his students Herdio, Aquila and Sosiona to give sermons about Jesus from the hilltop in 63AD. The monastery dates back to the 17th century, and features a museum with many interesting artefacts. 

Cool off at Nydri Waterfalls

Nydri Waterfalls

Of course, you’ll always have your luxury pool in Villa Angelou Nidri for taking a dip. But when you also want to connect with Mother Nature, head to the coastal town of Nydri, where you’ll find a hiking trail that leads to this stunning gorge, featuring a beautiful waterfall that just beckons you to jump into its natural pool. The hike to Nydri waterfalls is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Lefkada, and stimulates the senses at every turn. Take in the scent of pine, citrus and olive groves, and then head to a narrow ravine, where you’ll need to hop over some rocks before finding the gorge. Where the trail enters the gorge, you’ll find a cafe stocking refreshments, and local market stalls selling local honey. Be aware that if you visit in the dry season, the waterfalls may not be as active.    

Spend the day in the resort of Vasiliki


Situated in a wide bay on the south of the island, Vasiliki benefits from high winds during the afternoons, making it a great spot for surfing, windsurfing and other watersports. The water is particularly inviting here, so if you’re keen on taking a dip, this is the place to be. Newbies and beginners may want to take advantage of the watersports schools that run lessons in the early mornings. If that isn’t your thing, you can take a leisurely stroll around the harbour, or find a spot on the pebbled beach for some relaxation time while watching the surf. There are also plenty of biking and hiking trails from the resort, leading up into the valley for epic photographs of the surrounding scenery.

Take a boat trip around Lefkada

Lefkada villa holidays are all about taking it easy – so why not cast off and explore the island from the sea by taking a boat tour, or hiring your own yacht for the day? You’re bound to see the Lefkada coastline in all its glorious beauty, with dozens of deserted coves and caves to discover and nearby islands to visit – like Meganisi. Organised boat tours often allow time for snorkelling and swimming, and provide a traditional Greek lunch on board, including fresh fruit, tzatziki and souvlaki. 

Visit a Greek vineyard

Fancy a tipple? Go on – you’re on holiday! If you venture into the hilly centre of Lefkada, you’ll come across its vineyards – where Vertzami and white Vardea grapes produce rich, full bodied wine. Because of its hilly terrain and high amounts of rainfall in the winter months, wine production in this part of Greece is particularly high. You’ll find three main wineries worth visiting – Karsanikos and Sifloko in the north of Lafkada, and Lefkas Earth Winery on the south of the island. At Lefkas Earth Winery in particular, you’ll be able to take a free tour of its wine-making facilities and ancient stone buildings, and of course, take part in a tasting experience. Make sure to take a taxi back to your Villa Pasteli Sweet when you’ve finished your tasting!

Spend the day with your family at Ammoussa Beach

Ammoussa Beach

Of course, our villas in Lefkada all feature private pools. But sometimes, the beach beckons. Nestled in a quiet and tranquil cove on the south coast of Lefkada, Ammoussa Beach is a secret you’ll want to keep to yourself. With stunning views of neighbouring Kefalonia, and gentle waters that are great for snorkelling or splashing about with the kids, this beautiful bay is well worth spending the day in. You won’t get much of a breeze either, as the beach is sheltered by the surrounding cove walls. For refreshments, there’s a nearby beach bar, where you can have drinks and nibbles delivered right to your table. Sun loungers are also available for hire for €3 per day.

Now you’ve got your list of things to do in Lefkada sorted, it’s time to get booking your dream Lefkada villa. Browse our selection of Lefkada villa holidays here.

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