Why you should choose a holiday let when you go to Menorca

Why you should choose a holiday let when you go to Menorca

Menorca is holiday paradise, peppered with hiking and cycling trails for the active, and woven with beaches and towns for the less energetic to mooch about in. Although Menorca has an understated presence that’s sleepier than its Balearic neighbours, Ibiza and Majorca, it still has plenty of excellent hotels dotted all over the island. But there’s an increasing trend for holidaymakers to look at self-catering options when visiting Menorca, with more quality holiday villas to rent becoming available all the time.

A home from home

The space that a private villa in Menorca can offer means that the experience can be like a home-from-home, rather than squeezing into a hotel room for a week or two. Whether you’re travelling as a couple and just want some peace and quiet to truly get away from it all, or you’re on holiday as a family and want plenty of space for your kids to roam, choosing a self-catering holiday in Menorca can often prove the best decision.

…which is great for little ones

Thanks to a great choice of holiday lets in Menorca that have shared pools, or even private pools, your family may consider a villa on the island a top choice. Days can be spent together as a family with little or no jostling for space. The convenience of having your own kitchen means you can enjoy Menorca without having to dine out with children all the time, which – let’s be honest – can sometimes be more hassle than it’s worth. Amenities like washing machines and driers are also a big bonus to parents with kids in tow, as there’s no more emergency handwashing in hotel sinks, or paying pricey hotel laundry rates.

Menorca holiday rentals are ideal for parents

Private villas in Menorca are a particularly attractive option for parents, as they often offer more space than hotels and traditional resorts. So, if the kids are off to bed early, parents can enjoy extended living and outdoor space with their children safely nearby. It takes away the worry of finding babysitters and childcare, or spending the evening squashed in a hotel room, making the whole holiday a more relaxing affair for everyone, even with the opportunity to BBQ in the evening.

Villas are avaoilable to rent all around Menorca

Holiday rentals in Menorca can be found all around the island, so whether you want to be close to the beaches, by a town, or near Menorca’s cycling trails, there will be a villa that suits you. Scuba diving is a popular pastime in Menorca, so consider a holiday villa that allows easy access to the coastline if you’re keen to get in on some underwater action.

And on top of that, they’re a form of utter escapism

A private villa in Menorca means that you have the indulgence of your own space, perhaps a view to share just with your loved ones and a swimming pool that’s exclusively yours for the duration of your trip. You can still enjoy the towns of Maó or Ciutadella and the beaches of Son Bou or Punto Prima, safe in the knowledge you’ll escape back to your very own luxury villa for a proper time away from it all.

By Arianne Fabrice, a travel journalist who specialises in the popular resort destinations in and around Europe. Having worked for some of Paris’ premium travel mags, she’s recently moved into English-language publications.

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