Drinks to enjoy on your self-catering holiday in Majorca

Drinks to enjoy on your self-catering holiday in Majorca

Choosing a self-catering holiday doesn’t mean you have to forgo the luxuries of a package holiday. In fact, staying at a holiday rental lets you enjoy some of the finer things available no matter your holiday destination. For example, staying at a holiday let in Majorca means you can enjoy the finest drinks that the island has to offer – from the tastiest wines to the best liqueurs – all from the comfort of your own terrace or balcony. So, to help you find your perfect Balearic tipple, here are some of the finest Majorcan drinks.

Tasty Majorcan wine
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Herbs de Majorca

This famous Majorcan liqueur is a variation of Hierbas, a drink that originated on the island. In fact, Herbs de Majorca has protected status and can only be made on Majorca. The herbal liqueur contains a mixture of aromatic herbs like fennel, camomile, marjoram, and rosemary combined with citrus fruits orange and lemon. Herbs de Majorca is just the perfect digestif, and the true Mallorcan way to cap off a delicious meal in your self-catering apartment. Alternatively, can enjoy it over ice on a hot summer’s afternoon.

Palo de Mallorca

One of the island’s most popular indigenous drinks is Palo de Mallorca. This sweet liqueur has been made on the island for over a hundred years and, like Herbs de Majorca, can only be made in Majorca. It’s a relatively simple drink made from the bark of the quina plant, the roots of the gentiana plant, and sugar. The result is a dark, woody, sweet and slightly bitter liqueur that is a delicious aperitif. The drink also boasts some health benefits too, as it has antimalarial properties. A good excuse for a second glass!

Mallorcan Wine

As with the rest of the Mediterranean, many vineyards in Majorca grow the native grapes callet, manto negro, and moll. Wine has been made on the island since Roman times, but the drink saw something of a renaissance in the 1990s when the local industry saw wide investment. This led to popular varieties like merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and chardonnay being cultivated on the island.

Some of the best wines to try include bottles from the oldest winery on the island, Bodegues Ribas. This family-owned winery is famous for its Riba red wine made from the manto negro grape. Another worthy winery is the small boutique Bodega Ramanyà in Santa Maria. The winery produces some delicious drinks including the only sparkling wines on the island.

Beer in Majorca

While Majorca isn’t famous for its beer, and the varieties it does brew aren’t as celebrated as its wine and liqueurs, that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth seeking out. There are a number of microbreweries on the island, most notably the “Beer Lovers” brewery in Palma, which brews four different types of beer from amber ale to wheat beer. What better way to cool off in the summer sunshine in the garden of your holiday rental than with a local Majorcan beer in hand!

By Shaun Fraser, a former drinks rep, who now focuses on writing about his favourite tipples from Europe and beyond. He credits his good nose to a previous life as a sommelier.

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