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Why a holiday rental is perfect for retired couples

Why a holiday rental is perfect for retired couples

Package holidays in hotels might be convenient, but that doesn’t mean they’re the most cost-effective, or even the most comfortable option. In a holiday rental, you can experience luxury accommodation at a much lower price, and this is only one of the many advantages.

Self-catered rentals are ideal for seniors’ holidays, and it’s not just because of the privacy and tranquillity you’ll be able to enjoy. Here are some other benefits of holiday lettings:

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Have a unique holiday tailored to your interests

By now, you might have been there and done that on many holiday experiences. Resorts don’t change much between destinations – sun and sea package holidays are much the same wherever you go.

If you’re ready to experience something a bit different, booking a rental apartment or villa is the best way to start. The increased flexibility makes it easier to immerse yourself in local culture. Dine whenever and wherever you want, pick and choose the activities you like, and in the end you’ll have enjoyed a holiday itinerary tailor-made for (and by) you.

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Stay abroad for longer

Now that you’re retired, you can take more than a long weekend away during your days off work. If you fancy spending a month in Turkey, or six weeks in Greece, holiday rentals are the perfect option.

This way, you could have a comfortable, spacious sea-view home away from home. Use your plentiful storage space to pack instead of living out of a suitcase. Stock the kitchen with your favourite food and drinks, and make yourself feel totally comfortable.

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Enjoy evening entertainment at home

You might not want to go out for dinner, drinks, or entertainment every single night, particularly if you’re on an extended trip. In a self-catered rental, quiet nights in are waiting for you whenever you feel like it.

Cook a romantic dinner for two, enjoy a glass of wine on the balcony as the sun sets, or put your feet up and watch film. The next day, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to do some exploring, so having a night in doesn’t mean missing out on great experiences.

Escape the crowds

In peak season, especially in top destinations like Costa del Sol, resorts are full to the brim of people. In a private rental, you’re guaranteed a more serene experience. Forget noisy hotel dining rooms or queuing for the dinner buffet.

Instead of crowded poolsides, you can enjoy a calmer swimming and sunbathing experience in your private pool. Best of all, after a long day of sight-seeing, you can come home to a space of your own.

Take your holiday at a leisurely place

Holiday resorts are not only busy, they’re also fast-paced. This might be great for hyperactive kids, but if you want to slow down and relax, a villa is the way to go. You won’t have to follow resort schedules. Instead of feeling pressured to constantly be on the go, you can have some down-time in your own personal space – after all, isn’t that what holidays are for?

By Lara Scott. A former executive at a major hotel chain, Lara Scott is a freelance travel writer and journalist. She says her previous career gives her extra insight into both sides of the tourism industry.

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