Why Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year for a holiday rental

Why Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year for a holiday rental

Come February and the grim winter weather still feels like it’s never going to leave. What better time to wave the dreary skies cheerio for a few days and appreciate a slice of sun instead? And that’s without even mentioning that Valentine’s Day is on the horizon…

Why not push the boat out this year and opt for a stylish self-catering break for this romantic time of year? These are a few of the reasons why this might be the best time of all to choose a holiday rentaland celebrate the day with your loved one.

You might find a bargain

February is anything but the high season, which makes it an excellent time to find a holiday deal. Package deals abound around this time, creating the opportunity to bag a self-catering holiday at a lower price than you might do at other times of the year. Visit the Canary Islands or a Greek island such as Corfu or Kefalonia and soak up the sun as well as the pleasure of each other’s company.

Beat the February rain with a holiday villa

You can beat the weather

The period after the Christmas holidays can often be a little depressing due to the short days and miserable weather. Taking a trip in the time around Valentine’s Day is an invigorating way not only to have something to look forward to on the cold January days, but also to escape to warmer, sunnier climes. By the time you get back, spring will be just around the corner!

You can savour the tranquillity

A self-catering holiday is the best way to enjoy a little romance. This is thanks to the extra privacy afforded to you by choosing a holiday let. Book wisely and you could be relaxing in an idyllic villa away from hustle and bustle, and replete with your own private pool. How better to while away such blissful moments together on Valentine’s Day? Sometimes it’s fun to mingle with other guests, but there are also others when the best thing you can do is close the door and take it easy together in your own exclusive space.

You can spoil yourselves with tailor-made romance

Since it’s a self-catering holiday, you say what goes. Maybe you’re a couple who want to bond further more with a hike, or maybe you’d rather lounge by the pool. The same is true of meal time. A dinner at an upmarket local restaurant is sure to offer plenty of romance, but so would a delicious cooked meal from your villa’s kitchen.

Hiring a villa at this time of the year or any other lets you play by your own rules and enjoy the holiday your way. Why not book one today?

By Lara Scott. A former executive in the leisure and tourism industry, Lara Scott is a freelance travel writer and journalist. She says her previous career gives her extra insight into both sides of the tourism industry.

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