How to add a little extra luxury to a self-catering holiday

How to add a little extra luxury to a self-catering holiday

For many of us, going on holiday means a few weeks of indulgence – sunning ourselves by the beach or pool between delicious meals. Once you’re settled, there’s no reason why your stay in a luxury villa won’t leave you as pampered as a weekend in an exquisite spa. Here’s why –

Treat yourself to a luxurious villa holiday with a heated pool

Boutique self-catering

If you’re prone to a spot of cooking, then holidaying with friends or family affords you an advantage no chef will ever have – you know their tastes to a tee. Why not spend an evening whipping up a selection of their favourite dishes and engaging in some 5-star self-catering? Take advantage of spacious kitchens and finite cooking utensils. Scour local markets for spices and herbs you’d never find back home, and treat your family to a meal enjoyed from the opulence of your holiday home.

Just because you’re visiting Spain doesn’t mean you’re going to be eating Spanish cuisine every night. Got an urge for a steak? A luxury break means that everything is tailored to your personal preferences – get down to the local butchers and serve up a marinated dish that tickles everyone’s taste buds. A night spent sampling local wines and cheeses add a sense of luxury to your trip, all of which can be done within the confines of the home.

Self-catering doesn’t mean skimping on luxury

Heated pool? Yes please

Picture the scene. Waking up after a night of fine dining, you dive from the terrace to the pool, surfacing to pre-heated waters. The weather outside may be topping the late 20s, but it’s always nicer to swim in tepid waters. As the day turns to night and the temperature drops, take the opportunity to heat up the garden pool. Why not take it that one step further and enjoy a glass of white or red wine with your feet dangled underwater whilst doing so?

Private sport facilities

Outdoor activities don’t stop at the swimming pool. Ever wanted a game of tennis, before arriving at a jam-packed court which shows no signs of clearing up? Rent a villa with private tennis facilities round the back, and you’ll go from the first serve to the final set without the dreaded wait for a court. After a couple of hours recreating Wimbledon, you’ll be set for an evening of plush dining by the comfort of your patio. Game – set – match.

Choose a villa with a private tennis court

Luxury breakfast bars

You’re on holiday, so start each day with a breakfast that you’d never have the chance to make on a busy weekday back home. Pancakes smell great anywhere, but imagine enjoying their endearing scent before making the short jaunt from the reclining chair to the beach. You’ll have enough left over to do the same again tomorrow, making self-catering an inexpensive way to eat well whilst on holiday. After all, bacon and eggs taste much better in the morning glow of the Spanish sun than they do anywhere else.

Self-catering villas have a secluded edge that resorts and hotels just can’t top. Privacy and sophistication go hand in hand, and make for an idyllic time away for you and your friends or family. The beauty of a holiday like this lies in its flexibility – tailor it to suit you.

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By Isabella Perkins, a freelance travel writer best known for writing about self-catering holidays. Her writing tends to have a family-focus, and she is in the midst of writing a new travel guide due to be published next year.

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