Why a self-catering holiday is perfect for a short break

Why a self-catering holiday is perfect for a short break

One of a holiday’s simplest, yet most rewarding pleasures is receiving the keys to your luxury villa. Upon entering, you realise you’ve not only unlocked the front door, but a whole realm of possibilities to enjoy your time away from home. From dining outdoors, to fond evenings in the kitchen, here’s why self-catering holidays are perfect for a short week away.

Enjoy a week away from it all.

A sense of freedom

A week spent in a hotel can often feel restrictive, and you don’t want to be awoken by room service and other guests stumbling into the early hours. With self-catering accommodation, space is never an issue. Renting a private villa? Spend your mornings poised by the pool with a glass of ice cold orange juice, and your nights sipping wine in the living room. The beauty of your villa is not only its setting, but what you make of it.
Take advantage of seven days in a holiday villa.

Few things top a meal with loved ones, letting the exotic breeze cool you down after a day spent in the sun. Travelling with fussy eaters? Fear not – with a self-catered break, you can stock up on their favourite ingredients, and ultimately avoid that dreaded argument over who’s not happy with their meal.

They provide a base for you to explore from

When staying in all-inclusive resort, the temptation to get out and explore the wider world starts to fade. This isn’t the case when you book a holiday home – far from it. The best villas for a short break in Portugal, and many other destinations, are situated so close to scenic wonders and fun activities that you’d have to be mad not to explore them! Take the Algarve, a sun kissed region on the Portuguese coast. The Atlantic waves attract surfers of all levels, why not give it a shot before sprawling out by villa pool for a well-deserved rest?

A cost-effective way to holiday

There’s nothing wrong with eating in restaurants every night, but once every now and again you might fancy a night in. This is where a self-catering villa comes into its own. Pick up some local flavours, spend a few hours in the kitchen, and voila! You’ll have saved a little money, and have cooked up a storm as a result. Why not make an exotic dish, such as paella, to truly get into the holiday spirit? That way you’ll have more to spend in the markets, and on buying holiday souvenirs for friends and family.

When on holiday, it’s only natural to want to be surrounded by luxury. It’s important to remember that holiday rentals cater for such a level, often surpassing other forms of accommodation. Heated pools overlook blissful seas, and can be as secluded as you want. The same can be said for recliners – and both of which can be perfect for enjoying a few refreshing drinks after a long day of sunshine!

There you have it; three crucial reasons why self-catered accommodation is perfectly suited to a short break. Inspired? Look at some Villa Plus offerings and take the next step to your dream holiday.

By Lara Scott. A former executive at a major hotel chain, Lara Scott is a freelance travel writer and journalist. She says her previous career gives her extra insight into both sides of the tourism industry.

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