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Villa honeymoon ideas: inspiration for cunning newlyweds

Villa honeymoon ideas: inspiration for cunning newlyweds

When many people imagine their perfect honeymoon, they envision nights in a hotel’s most luxurious suite, complete with a hot tub, rose petals and some bubbly. Yet this style of honeymoon can be both expensive and lacking in adventure. A villa honeymoon, on the other hand, gifts newlyweds the ideal blend of comfort, convenience and affordable luxury, with some great views thrown in the mix.

If you’re looking for a villa honeymoon to remember, follow these tips for a loved-up, unforgettable trip from day one.

Daytime exploration


Staying in a hotel makes it easy to book yourselves onto guided tours and excursions. But if you’re seeking a little more adventure, get off the beaten track and go exploring! The romantic Greek island of Crete is littered with secluded spots, such as Frangokastello Beach. Why not use your villa as a base camp for uncovering them?

Charming towns like Gouves provide an attractive opportunity to observe the authentic Cretan way of life, sample traditional food and spark up conversation with the locals. To put it frankly, other methods of accommodation just don’t offer the same opportunity for adventure.

Romantic evenings at home


Villa honeymoons on Spain’s Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol give you the benefit of your own private space, while still keeping you close to the action. If you’re sticking to a budget, or simply don’t fancy going into town for the evening, bring the fun home with an indulgent night in.

Start with an alfresco meal on your balcony or terrace, then take your drinks into the hot tub or pool. For the ultimate touch of luxury, source a couple of bottles of local sparkling wine (Spain is famous for its cava) and chill them in the fridge of your rental in advance of your romantic evening.

Fantastic food

One of the key benefits of a private holiday villa is that you’re able to prepare food yourself. That means you can enjoy the local supermarkets, greengrocers, delis and the enticing ingredients they have in stock.

Tempted by dreamy Canary Island destinations like Tenerife? Then immerse yourself in the local cuisine by picking up kitchen staples like gofio (a flour added to all kinds of soups, stews and desserts, although it’s also eaten as a dough mixture) and goat’s cheese, which is normally eaten fresco (i.e. without being left to mature).

You can also try your hand at cooking Canarian specialities like mojo, a spicy sauce that combines garlic, chillies and paprika with vinegar, oil and other seasonings.

World class views

Whichever honeymoon destination you end up choosing, villas set in a hidden hilltop spot will make your stay truly special. Instead of being cooped up in your hotel room or jostling for room at the shared pool, you’ll be able to stretch your legs, enjoy some alone time with the fantastic view and, best of all, take a siesta under the sun.

It’s the recipe for a truly idyllic honeymoon. Once you’ve tied the knot, why not take a look at some romantic places you could visit?

By Isabella Perkins, a freelance travel writer best known for writing about self-catering holidays. Her writing tends to have a family focus, and she is in the middle of writing a new travel guide due to be published next year.​

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