Activity holidays in Canary Islands for villa lovers

Activity holidays in Canary Islands for villa lovers

The Canary Islands are simply filled with excitement and adventure. Located off Africa’s north-western coast, this Spanish archipelago packs in diverse landscapes perfect for thrill seekers.

Alongside top-tier weather, the island comprises picturesque beaches ideal for water sports, like surfing and jet skiing. When you stay in a property near the coastline you’re able to really make the most of the scenery on offer, so without further ado, here’s why activity holidays in Canary Islands are so well suited to villa lovers. Let’s start with the largest island of the archipelago, Tenerife…


There are some otherworldly landscapes just waiting to be explored in Tenerife, so why not hire a car to help uncover the island’s more distant hotspots? Staying in a villa means you can pack bigger pack lunches – that way you’ll have all the more energy for when you’re exploring.

Activity lovers can delve into the Anaga rainforest and up into the Anaga mountains. Alternatively, venture to Mount Teide, the highest mountain in Spain, and the surrounding Teide National Park. Take the cable car to the upper station and marvel over the panoramic views of Tenerife, or wander through the park at your own pace. Once you’re there, enjoy a few pre-made sandwiches and replenish for the trip back down.


Fuerteventura is packed with inspiring cycling routes. Get ready to brave big climbs – your efforts will be rewarded with stunning backdrops at their summit. This is where holiday rentals come into their own, allowing you to keep your beloved bicycle inside each night and get it ready for the coming day’s ride.

Head to the northern tip of the island and cycle amongst pretty towns like Corralejo and La Oliva. As well as dreamy strips of sand, you’ll encounter desert roads worthy of a Wild West film. For off-road delights, cycle to the rugged Jandia Natural Park. Otherwise, Lobos Island, a small islet north of Fuerteventura, is worth visiting if you fancy a spot of snorkelling or scuba diving.


Similar to the other Canary Islands, Lanzarote is full of plenty of activities for many different preferences. Beat the crowds at the restaurants and prepare a delicious packed lunch beforehand so you can stay at places for longer.

First up, get your snorkels at the ready and dive beneath the ocean to see the Museo Atlántico. Situated 12 metres underwater, it’s made up of a collection of submerged sculptures which you can swim around at your leisure.

When you’re back above sea level, take a walk around the renowned Timanfaya National Park. You’ll come across geyser displays and a restaurant that uses geothermal heat from a volcano to cook your food! You can explore the park by foot, but if you’re in search of a truly memorable day out, hire a camel to take you around. Not only will this save you the effort of walking, it’ll make for a few unbeatable photo opportunities!

Activity holidays in the Canary Island guarantee many things – scenery, thrills and unrivalled experiences being but three of them. With that all in mind, take a look at some holiday rentals across the archipelago.

By Isabella Perkins, a freelance travel writer best known for writing about self-catering holidays. Her writing tends to have a family focus, and she is in the middle of writing a new travel guide due to be published next year.

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