Activity holidays in Canary Islands for villa lovers

The Canary Islands are simply filled with excitement and adventure. Located off Africa’s north-western coast, this Spanish archipelago packs in diverse landscapes perfect for thrill seekers. Alongside top-tier weather, the island comprises picturesque beaches ideal for water sports, like surfing and jet skiing. When you stay in a property near the coastline you’re able to really make the most of […]

3 holiday breakfast ideas for a Tenerife self-catering getaway

The Canary island of Tenerife is synonymous with tremendous views made for feasting upon. Next time you’re visiting this beguiling part of the world, why not pair such scenery with a mouth-watering breakfast that would make the locals proud? On a self-catering getaway, you can bulk buy local ingredients, develop new cooking skills and then immerse yourself in the island’s […]

Why you should choose a holiday let next time you go to Tenerife

The enviable climate and endless beaches of the Canary Islands have been attracting visitors for years. Resorts in Tenerife offer one of the most alluring holiday options, promising package holiday comfort and convenience all year round. But if you fancy freedom, independence, and flexibility, you should consider a holiday rental on your next trip to Tenerife. Outside of the boundaries […]

Guide to Tenerife’s Best Attractions

There is much more to Tenerife than the popular resort towns of Playa de las Américas and Los Cristianos. These tourist hubs do offer a great holiday, but visitors that don’t tread far beyond them are missing out on the wonders of this beguiling island. Image by jaumescar, used under Creative Commons license (CC BY 2.0) Tenerife boasts diverse landscapes, […]