Hilarious Villa Plus holiday complaints and  requests

Hilarious Villa Plus holiday complaints and requests

We’re dedicated to making sure our customers have a fantastic time on holiday, so it’s no surprise that some unusual requests and complaints are sent our way every now and again. From inflatable animal treatment practices to shop opening times, here are some of the most comical demands and gripes we’ve received to date.

Funny holiday complaints

Real complaints from real customers.

The local people

Local people? Going about their daily lives!? How outrageous …

  • The villa was beautiful, but is situated in the middle of a normal domestic area with normal Spanish people going about their normal lives.
  • Why do the local shops close in the afternoons? We needed to buy things during siesta time, so this should not be allowed.

Univited guests

Because ducks need holidays too.

  • There were lots of ants in the garden – the ants were coming under the door, which was locked!
  • We were unhappy that we had to share the pool with a lizard.
  • Ducks were nesting on the island in the middle of the pool, and sometimes even paddled in the pool.

“A client complained about us using an inflatable Dolphin in one of our TV ads. We explained that it’s not real, but the client said we still shouldn’t be depicting the use of animals in our ads and would be reporting us to the RSPCA!” – Villa Plus Insider

Kitchen nightmares

Well, how do you peel your avocados?

  • You should provide breakfast bowls as well as soup bowls, eating breakfast out of a soup bowl is so awkward.
  • Whilst the villa was equipped to adequate standard, there were no glasses large enough to take a large can of beer.
  • The kitchen arrangement is not very useful to folk of limited stature – I am tall, so we coped.
  • We could only find placemats made from raffia.
  • There were no egg cups – we had to fashion some out of breadsticks.
  • There was no information given on how to make homemade pizza.
  • We were disappointed to find no avocado peeler in the villa.

Mind-readers apply within

Seriously, we could do with one.

  • It is your duty as a tour operator to advise us of noisy guests before we travel.
  • The games room didn’t have the games we liked in it.


We’ll try better next time

We’re not sure how our team didn’t anticipate these problems really.

  • I took the wrong exit off the first roundabout which led me onto the motorway, from which there were no instructions on your directions to get back on track.
  • The washing machine did not clean properly with the dishwasher tablets we bought especially from England.
  • I appreciate that the villa is described on your website as ‘Car Essential’, but there really is nothing within walking distance of the villa.
  • Why can’t you change the light bulbs before they expire?

“We had a complaint from a guest in Alcudia, who insisted that they had booked a pool with “blue water”, and their pool didn’t have it.” – Villa Plus Insider

Odd holiday requests

As told exclusively by our Villa Plus Insider.

“A client once requested that we send a truck full of hot water to their villa to fill up their pool, as they wanted a heated pool. Needless to say, we had to explain that this was not possible!”

“A few years ago, a client wasn’t happy to have the villa booked without a proper brick barbecue (the villa only had a metal one). Our resort manager went to the builders’ merchants the weekend before they arrived and subsequently built them the barbecue. The same clients wanted a limo for the transfer and when they got home complained that it had cloth seats – limos always have leather seats!”


“At Villa Camp du Bosch, the clients were staying in our Very Villa. Although we do not advertise a “heated pool” on the facilities list, they mistakenly thought that all of our pools were heated. So, they asked us to provide them with wet-suits for the pool, as in their opinion, the pool was too cold to swim in!”

Dropping the ball

The following is not a request or complaint story. It’s simply a tale too good to keep to ourselves.

“This is a decade-old story: a new rep walked into a villa to greet clients and was met by an elderly gentleman racking up his billiard balls on the billiard table. Imagine her shock and horror when she noticed two balls too many on the table … the said gentleman was stark naked!”

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