12 winning reasons why shoulder season travel is the best

12 winning reasons why shoulder season travel is the best

The “shoulder seasons” are those travel periods that fall in spring and autumn, between the peak and fully off-peak seasons. For those not at the mercy of school terms – like couples, retirees, and families with tots – they can be the perfect times for a villa getaway. Here are 12 top reasons to get booked and jet off this spring:

1. Save on accommodation

There are great bargains to be had on our huge range of villas outside the summer holidays. This spring, you could book a fantastic property for just £500 per week – that’s a whopping saving of £1,500 compared to peak season!

Villa Desire, Crete

2. Nab your dream villa

There’s much better availability in the shoulder seasons, so you can have the pick of the bunch and snap up that fabulous villa you’ve been eyeing for months.

Villa San San, Tenerife

3. Spend less on flights

Air fares are often lower at off-peak times too, which can significantly cut the cost of your trip even more. Across our destinations, flying in the spring shoulder season is on average £100 cheaper than peak season.

4. Bask in better weather

Love the sun but hate melting in the heat? The shoulder seasons’ slightly cooler temperatures are perfect for sightseeing and adventure, while still warm enough for lazy days spent lounging by the pool.

5. Beat the crowds

You won’t be jostling for space in the museum or fighting for spots on the beach, meaning a much more pleasant experience all round.

6. Skip the queues

Who wants to waste precious time waiting in long lines when you could be fast-tracking straight to the fun?

7. Get around easily

With fewer cars on the roads and less busy public transport, you’ll find it a stress-free breeze to get from A to B when you’re out exploring.

8. Be snap happy

Looking to make your Instagram followers green with envy? You’ll be free to capture those perfect holiday shots without throngs of other people ruining them!

9. Live like a local

With fewer tourists about, you’ll enjoy a more authentic experience of your destination and have better chances to mingle with the locals.

10. Enjoy discounts on foods and attractions

Did you know some tourist spots slash entrance fees and menu prices outside peak times? So you could come home with even more pennies in your pocket.

11. Support the local economy

By visiting and spending money outside the main tourist period, you’ll be benefiting your destination’s local economy – so everyone wins.

12. Help reduce overtourism

Travelling in the shoulder seasons helps distribute the weight of tourism on a destination across the year. And that’s much better news for locals and the environment.

Fancy a last-minute getaway during the upcoming shoulder season? Take a look at our fantastic range of holiday villas!

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