Swap your home office for a villa with a view

Swap your home office for a villa with a view

Unless you’re lucky enough to be a teacher with six weeks of holiday to take at once, you’re self-employed or retired, it’s likely that you’ll only have a set amount of time to take off on holiday in one go. Most employers stipulate that their employees can only take two weeks off from work at any one time. In this new climate of WFH (working from home) however, there is a new kid on the block, known as WFV (working from villa). So, what are the benefits of working from your holiday villa? Here are our thoughts…   

We’ve become used to waking up five minutes before our Zoom meeting and dressing our top halves appropriately, before spending most of the day at the kitchen table with a laptop. However, wouldn’t you like to switch up this routine and have a jaw-dropping sea view and swaying palm trees as your WFH backdrop? Plus, as remote working continues to become popular for both employers (who can save money on expensive office rentals), and employees (who want a decent work-life balance), it means that many more people can have more control over when and how long they take holiday for. Location is becoming less of a necessity, so why add not take advantage of booking one of our beautiful holiday rentals?

Holiday rentals to WFV (work from villa)

If you’re thinking of an extended summer break, we recommend Villa Ireni Fiskardo, where you can sit on the alfresco terrace at the table with your laptop and take in the incredible sea views of Kefalonia. Just make sure you remember to focus on the task in hand! When your working day is done, just a few steps away is your own private infinity pool, from which you can admire the sun set.

Another family-friendly villa is Villa Junico in the Algarve, where you can set up your office on one of the sun loungers overlooking the pool. Spend more time with your loved ones admiring the views, and at the end of your working day, hop in the car for some dinner in Sao Rafael, or take a five minute drive to the beach.

Those who prefer autumn or winter sunshine with more freedom to take their holiday at any time of the year will love the year-round sunshine and mild climate of Fuerteventura. Stay at Villa Caleta Sunrise for up to a month. or take a week off as holiday, then work the other three weeks enjoying this plush villa with private pool, pool terrace and sunbathing area, and in a location just 20 minutes’ walk away from the beaches, shops, bars and restaurants of the Caleta de Fuste Resort Centre.

Working from villa (WFV) and work-life balance

With such a short commute from your desk to your swimming pool, it’s safe to say that working from your villa means you spend less time working, and more quality time with those you love. Gone are the days when you’d spend hours commuting and checking your emails en-route to the office, or sitting at your desk for hours without taking frequent breaks from screen-time. Working from your holiday villa puts you in a relaxing setting where you can focus on getting work done and be more productive, before spending more time with your family. Working remotely from a villa in Europe or any other location in the world reduces commute stress, helps companies to embrace diversity and inclusion, saves money and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by reducing commuter travel.             

Have we tempted you to try working from a holiday villa? Browse our range of luxurious holiday villa destinations and get booking your next trip to a sun drenched getaway. 

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