Things to do in Rhodes

Things to do in Rhodes

Holidays to Rhodes are filled with sunny days and plenty of things to do and see, making for an unforgettable trip. Narrowing down your options is the hardest part! Here’s our guide to the best things to do in Rhodes while enjoying some quality time with your loved ones.  

Take a day trip to a nearby island

Explore the surrounding Dodecanese islands by taking a ferry trip from Rhodes. Ferry rides take just a couple of hours, and transport you to more traditional Greek islands that haven’t yet been impacted by tourism. Discover the enchanting settlement of Symi, which attracts thousands of visitors from across the globe with its ornate churches and villages, and the famous Archangel Michael Panormitis monastery. Also worth visiting is Kastelorizo (also known as Megisti), which has a particularly fascinating history, intriguing neoclassical buildings and a natural harbour.   

Relax at a beach bar

When it comes to Rhodes best things to do, beach bars take luxury and relaxation to the next level. Expect to lounge about on plush sun loungers on dreamy soft sands while a waiter hands you your next cocktail. Some will even let you place chairs very close to the sea if you want to dangle your feet in the water or keep a closer eye on your little ones. Many also offer high-end cuisine, music and dancing, massages and much more. While the children are splashing about in the sea or building sandcastles, you can take time to relax and unwind at one of the most gorgeous spots in town. 

Visit the ancient city of Ialysos

History lovers will enjoy visiting Rhodes thanks to the various Roman, Minoan and Mycenaean ruins that are worth exploring. Many ruins date back centuries, all the way back to 3BC. The ancient city of Ialysos dates back to the Byzantine era, when it had the name of ‘Achaia’. The site was commonly used as a place of worship. During 1912-1945, a ‘Golgotha’ was constructed, consisting of several shrines that stretch from the main square up to the west edge of Filerimos Hill. At the top of the plateau, you can enjoy some stunning views of the surrounding countryside.   

Discover the Lindos Acropolis

Head out from your picturesque Villa Aqua Blu  and discover one of the most impressive archaeological sites on the island. Lindos is a must-see in terms of alternative things to do in Rhodes. Surrounded by a more modern village, the site gives a glimpse into what ancient life was like in times gone by. You’ll find historical monuments at the acropolis, as well as various ruins, medieval walls, fortifications that date back to the 14th century, and towers. The ruins date back to ancient times, the Byzantine period and the medieval period. Don’t forget to take a wander around the town of Lindos itself, which features whitewashed houses, gates that date back to 4AD, and the Temple of Athena Lindia. 

Hike the island’s walking trails

Those who love getting back to nature and enjoying tranquil walks will enjoy the various hiking trails of Rhodes. We recommend having a car if you want to take some walks that are more off the beaten track, and you can easily take part in walks on the island at any time of the year thanks to its mild climate. Many routes take walkers through small villages that are untouched by tourism, as well as past waterways and old crumbling monuments and churches. This is a different, more natural and wild side to Rhodes that very few people get to see, making walking trails one of the best things to do in Rhodes. Some walks can be organised with a guide. If walking isn’t your thing, you can hire a bike, as the island also offers plenty of cycling trails for all abilities. 

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