How to take your bike on a plane

Want to take your cycle rides up a gear, beyond the daily commute and weekend trips? Then do so with a cycling holiday! The mix of exhilaration and tranquillity this kind of activity getaway delivers is nothing short of fantastic for your mind, body and soul. The only thing you may be concerned about is how to take your bike […]

Why a self-catering holiday is perfect for a short break

One of a holiday’s simplest, yet most rewarding pleasures is receiving the keys to your luxury villa. Upon entering, you realise you’ve not only unlocked the front door, but a whole realm of possibilities to enjoy your time away from home. From dining outdoors, to fond evenings in the kitchen, here’s why self-catering holidays are perfect for a short week […]

How to enjoy a low-cost self-catering break

Holidays might involve spending money, but that doesn’t mean you have to fork out a fortune if you want to enjoy a sunny getaway. There are countless ways to keep costs down when you travel, and choosing self-catering accommodation is a great way to start. Whether you’re taking a couples’ break or a family vacation, a holiday let can get […]

Recipe for delicious tumbet mallorquin

A self-catering holiday doesn’t mean you have to forgo the cuisine of your destination. In fact, by learning a few recipes you can enjoy the flavours of where you are and have a new recipe to bring home! To help you savour the real taste of Majorca, we’ve found one of the island’s tastiest dishes and put together a quick, […]

Why a holiday rental is perfect for retired couples

Package holidays in hotels might be convenient, but that doesn’t mean they’re the most cost-effective, or even the most comfortable option. In a holiday rental, you can experience luxury accommodation at a much lower price, and this is only one of the many advantages. Self-catered rentals are ideal for seniors’ holidays, and it’s not just because of the privacy and […]

A guide to booking a self-catering holiday

Knowing where you want to go on holiday is always a good start when it comes to finding a self-catering villa or holiday let. But if you don’t have your heart set on a destination, the things you need to consider are how many people are going and the specific facilities you need. The perfect villa for a family holiday […]